Hey! I’m Kristin. I take photos of people on film sets, stages, and everywhere in between.
With my background in film and my love for music, I found my primary passions in music & still photography. There’s something beautiful about capturing a scene in front of you while having no control over it and remaining practically invisible. I’m grateful to work with such creative people and capture them all at work.
My credits include independent and union productions, ranging from feature films, TV shows, and documentaries. I have experience photographing stunt action, low light performances, crowded sets, art department photos, and much more. I've had the pleasure of photographing faces such as Juno Temple, Joel Oullette, and Amber Marshall.
I've captured concerts anywhere and everywhere, from dark, smoky bars to massive stadiums to festival stages. No venue or artist is off limits for me. A few of my favourite acts I've had the privilege to photograph include Judas Priest, A Day To Remember, Jinjer, and Megadeth.
In additions to film & music, I am also well-versed in events, portraits, studio lighting, weddings, and automotive photography. I'm happy to photograph anything and everything!

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